Introducing SomeNano for WordPress

Are you ready to accept Nano cryptocurrency as payment to view content on your WordPress site?

  • Paywall a post where a user must make a payment to keep reading
  • Paywall a post where exclusive content is reserved for those that make a payment
  • Paywall a page that is only available for users that make a payment

Here’s how it works…

  1. Install the SomeNano for WordPress plugin
  2. Add your Nano account on the settings page
  3. Include the somenano_paywall shortcode anywhere in your post or page. Content below the shortcode will not be shown until a payment is made
  4. User makes a payment and is then shown the premium content

No registration required for you to receive payments.

No registration required for your users to make payments.

If a user is logged into your WordPress site, they will retain access to bypass the paywall whenever they are logged into their account

If a user is not logged into your WordPress site (guest or if you do not allow registration), the user will bypass the paywall as long as they keep a created cookie in their browser.

Want to see how the paywall works?

The below paywall will always cost the equivalent of $0.05 USD.

Want to keep reading? It is a lot of work to produce great content. Please click the below button to make a small payment in Nano to continue reading. Thanks for your support!

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